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The 7 Most Effective Exercises for Your Butt

The research presented in the paper the orthopaedic and sports physical therapy helps to clarify some of the confusion about the best butt exercises‘, commonly used in rehabilitation or therapeutic adjustment. The authors of this particular study used electromyography to measure and compare the signal amplitude as the gluteus maximus muscles gluteus medius and fired in order to determine which therapeutic exercises more effectively recruit the buttocks.

It is not surprising that the glutes weaknesses may lead to a variety of problems, including the back, hip and knee pain and injury. But what is surprising is how many people, even recreational athletes, have weak glutes. The reason is that, today, many of us spend a lot of session time. Sitting for long periods of time can result in hip flexors of the shortened hamstring and gluteus, tight and weak that they can ‘t shoot correctly. Athletes with injuries of the body smaller than visiting a physical therapist often to take home a list of exercises to get the shot of the buttocks. This research helps to solve these exercises that really work.

The study measured the firing real muscle gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius for some common rehabilitation of the gluteus and therapeutic exercises. With the use of electromyography, the researchers were able to identify movements activated the muscles of the buttocks to the higher percentage. These results can help medical specialists of the sport, physical therapists, and athletes to decide which exercise include or release of a rehabilitation, pre HAB or a program of basic training.

The aim of these exercises is to the buttocks of fire correctly, build a backside strong, prevent injuries of lower extremity and maintain biomechanics and proper alignment.

Based on this research, the exercises that produce the largest amount of electromyographic activity in the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius include some basic exercises that anyone can do it with little or no equipment.

Best butt exercises – gluteus maximus

These exercises produce the largest percentage of electromyographic activity in the group of the gluteus maximus muscle.

One – leg squat – activation of 59%

A foot deadlift – activation of 59%

Lunges lateral, frontal and transverse – 41 – 49% of activation.

Best butt exercises – gluteus medius

These exercises produce the largest percentage of electromyographic activity in the group of muscle, the gluteus medius.

Abduction of the hip lying on his side – activation of 81%

One – leg squat – activation of 64%

Walking side band – activation of 61%

A foot deadlift – activation of 58%

How to use this information in its own routine

Depending on your objectives of general fitness, you can use this information in a variety of ways. You can perform all the exercises on a rotational basis to obtain a variety of movements while still target the glutes. Or you can concentrate on the exercises at the top of the list to build muscle strength in isolation and maximum and the more bang for your buck.

Based on the results, it seems that the best way to direct the medius buttocks is to perform regularly a hip abduction lying on his side.

This is the most effective way to strengthen the gluteus medius, which plays an important role in keeping the hips and pelvis aligned. This is an important and often overlooked way to avoid the pain in the knee. In short, all probably add the abduction of the hip lying on his side to your routine.

One – leg squat and a limbo deadlift exercises are a good way to all around to achieve maximum excess and medius at the same time.

The boat and the boat traveling with a twist are two exercises that can be useful for the prevention and rehabbing lower body aches and pains. When it is done slowly and with controlled movements, lunges put less stress on the joints and are generally easier and safer than pliom├ętrico jump squat exercises or deep one – leg.

What Is Natural Hair?

The definition of natural hair: hair whose texture was not altered by straightening chemicals, including relaxing and texturizers. An Afro is sometimes referred to as “natural”, but the natural black hair can be used in many other styles, in addition to a short circuit ‘fro. Pressed hair can still be considered natural, because once washed, texture usually returns to its natural state.

Also known as: African

The characteristics of natural hair

In terms of natural black hair, there is no “universal size,” when it comes to patterns of texture and growth, but in general, natural black hair usually varies from wavy to kinky – coily, with a wide range of variation between the two. (and yes, some black people have hair naturally smooth, too.) the majority of the people of African descent have some kind of wave or wave pattern, and there are differences in texture, not only in the family, including brothers, but the hair! Clusters can be so small and wrapped as springs of pen or more corrugated and the size of a marker of fat.

In general, the types of black hair tend to be:

Most dry to the touch than other hair textures

Extremely difficult condition of excess


Natural hair can look strong, but this is a very delicate texture and needs to be treated as such. This means frequent conditioning and moisturizing and so little direct heat as possible to maintain optimum health.

The versatility of the natural hair styling possibilities:

One of the best aspects of natural hair is to be able to enjoy a variety of styles. Some of these hairstyles mimic chemically straightened blockades, but many are unique to have no chemicals alter the texture in his mane. Hairstyles that work particularly well with natural textures include:


Weaves and braids

African or TWA

Bantu knots

Of course, you always have other options that work with all textures, such as:


Bread / puxos

Taper cuts

Styles of loose

These galleries contain many ideas of natural hair style:

Holiday Hairstyles

Pictures of hair of Parris teyonah

Celebrities with natural hair

Styles of party.

Can you color your hair and natural?

This is a matter of debate in some circles, natural, but in most cases, colored hair are still natural, as there are no chemicals alter the texture of the hair. The question of “natural” comes into play when you consider that some women have suffered changes of texture due to color (this also occasionally occurs with the application henna). Unless your hair is bleached or colored in various levels of its natural shade, you probably don’t know any relaxation of its texture. If you have no relaxing / texture artist in their enclosures, but you paint it, you should still is considered to be the natural hair. Of course, it is not 100% natural due to color, but the texture is usually what many people refer to refer to “natural hair”.

Are texturizers natural?

No, texturizers are not natural at all because they are chemical products designed to break the bonds of protein in their hair to permanently alter the texture. Some products the market itself as “texturizers natural” or they may enhance the management capacity of your hair for application and heat. They generally contain the same active ingredients such as relaxing, only in smaller quantities. If you are really interested in being natural, steer clear of these products.

I press my hair and natural?

As a method of smoothing, thermal styling is preferable because ideally, you can wet your hair and they go back to their natural state of texturing. Some women press constantly blocks, however, and over time, their manes become heat – trained. The heat – trained hair has a texture different from hair that has not suffered the damage, “controlled”, which is not really natural, although it may seem that way.

How to Address a Police Chief in Written Form

When you are faced with the task of writing a letter to the chief of the local police, you may be uncertain about how to address adequately the boss on the envelope and in the letter. No matter what the intention of his letter, he can be saved as an official document, and, therefore, it is important (and respectful) to learn the correct way to deal with the chief of police in the greeting, and in front of the envelope.

Opened with a formal greeting that uses the title of chief and the last name, such as “Dear captain Johnson.”

Use the closing more formal “sincerely” or “Yours sincerely” at the end of the letter. ” Yours sincerely “and other variations are considered to be more informal.

Addressing the envelope to the chief of police, using his exact title, which differs from county to county and can be found in contact with the police department. For example, if the rank of Captain ‘s military, the envelope can be directed to the “Captain Mark Johnson” with “Lakewood police chief of the county of” below. If your job is not the military, use the appropriate prefix to their name, followed by her title as “Mr. Mark Johnson,” followed by “police commissioner.”

How to Write to the Police Chief

If you have a problem with something in his diction as a lawyer, but I could do nothing with the police, it is probably a good idea to come into contact with the head of the local police. When coming in contact with the chief of police, it is better to have all your documentation in order to have proof you have been through other channels, and the problem has not been solved. Write a letter to you can always be a challenge. Write a letter to the implementation of the law can cause even more stress, but need not be difficult.

Things that you need

  • Computer

Call your local police station and the name of the chief of police. Do not explain what you are calling for. Copy the name and make sure that to obtain the correct spelling. If possible, you also have your email address.

Open a program of word processor on your computer. As if is an envelope, write the name, title of the chief of police and the address of the station. Skip a line and enter “expensive” and the name of the chief of police.

To write the body of the letter, make their statements, short and straight to the point. In the first paragraph, write about the problem exactly what is happening. If you have police reports, make sure to include dates and briefly describe what is in the report.

In the second paragraph, write down what you would like to be done on the problem and requested that the chief of police to deal with the problem personally, instead of giving it to one of his subordinates. Then, write a third paragraph in which you would like to thank the chief of police for their time and the state that you look forward to hearing from you.

Check the letter, make sure you don ‘t seem angry, sarcastic or in any of its sentences, and make sure that the grammar is correct.

If you have received the email address of the chief of police, copy and paste the words you have written in your email and send it directly to the chief of police. If you were not supplied with the email address, address an envelope with the name of the chief of police and the address of the station, print the letter and send it via regular mail.